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Excellent Customer Support

Despite the simple nature of tax lien investing, it has frequently been proven that this strategy has a fairly steep learning curve.  It's a new subject to most of our clients and it can be difficult to understand the fundamentals, and that is okay.  The foundation of our program is the Secondary Market, where we help clients purchase tax lien certificates directly through our team, but it's crucial that our clients understand what they are doing when they make these investments.  Therefore, we have created an in-depth education program to teach our clients the fundamentals of this strategy through documents, audio, and video trainings.  Subjects include the following:

  • Tax lien and deed investing basics
  • How governments function and hold auctions
  • How to make investments on the primary market (county auctions)
  • How to find and research lists - what information is valuable and what does it mean?
  • Avoiding risks
  • Possible exit strategies
  • Over-the-counter investing - purchasing after a county auction
  • How the secondary market works and how to purchase

We understand, despite having provided excellent education materials, that many of our clients will continue to have questions or may need some extra hand holding, and we are okay with that.  In order to accommodate our clients' needs, we have established multiple touch points to allow our clients to get the care that they need.

  • Telephone Support - We call it the Tax Lien Hotline.  Call during normal business hours and speak with trained professionals about anything that you would like.  They are there to answer your questions.
  • Email Support - If you have a question pop up outside normal business hours, then shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will respond the following day.
  • Concierge and Account Management Team - This team will educate and help our clients purchase on the secondary market.  Our account management team will help throughout the purchase process and after the purchase is complete.  Your account manager and concierge will work together to help you where needed.
  • Investor Forum - All clients can post to this forum and interact with other clients and our support team.  We monitor the form to make sure the conversation stays clean and accurate.