Terms and Conditions

You acknowledge and agree that any and all educational products offered by Tax Lien Buyers Club are for your personal use and for recreational investing at your sole discretion. The educational products are not intended to be vocational in nature and are not designed to provide any training that would enhance your vocational or occupational opportunities or objectives. Tax Lien Buyers Club makes no representations or warranties that Tax Lien investments will replace employment income. Tax Lien Buyers Club does not offer any educational credentials. Tax Lien Buyers Club may make suggestions as to the order in which resources should be accessed to facilitate learning. However, you are not required to access, participate in, or complete any particular educational resource provided by Tax Lien Buyers Club in any such order or at all. Any record of completion of any particular training module is for convenience and informational purposes only and not to track your progress toward any educational credential or certificate, as no such credential or certificate is offered by Tax Lien Buyers Club. All cancelation requests must be made within three business days of the original purchase. All sales are final outside of that three-day time period.