What is Tax Lien Training?

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Tax Lien Training is an impressive tax lien investment vehicle that educates and offers specialized assistance to those desiring to have their money work for them. Rather than setting aside hard earned funds into a bank account that earns less than a one percent, we teach our customers how to invest those same funds into tax lien certificates and earn up to 50% return on those funds over a period of time.

When a property owner does not pay their property taxes, a tax lien is placed on the property by the county government. Outside parties are able to bid on, or purchase, that tax lien certificate through county auctions. These outside parties are initially paying the property owner's taxes, essentially giving the county a loan, with the idea that they will be paid back in full with interest. Not only that, but making an investment on a tax lien helps the community. Not receiving the funds from county taxes negatively affects the county's budget. After a tax lien certificate is issued, the property owner has an allotted amount of time to pay off that certificate including the interest the certificate has accrued. If the property owner does not redeem the certificate on the tax lien, a certificate holder can legally foreclose on the property and can become the owner of the property for the price of the foreclosure and the amount of back taxes owing.

At Tax Lien Buyers Club, we provide the educational tools to instruct and educate members of the club on investing in tax liens and deeds. Our ultimate goal is to help members feel comfortable and prosperous while investing. The accommodations we provide include a one-on-one mentor, 25 tutorial videos, direct buy certificates, primary market lists, access to the customer support hotline, and a phenomenal method to make more money!

Advanced Investing Guides- Our Portfolio Managers are very knowledgeable investors with ample experience in tax liens and deeds. These mentors will simply guide a beginner through the process of purchasing our direct buy certificates.

25 Tutorial Videos- Members of the club will acquire access to our website. On our website we provide 25 tutorial videos. These videos will help a new member comprehend the subject of tax liens and deeds. They take you step by step on how to walk the path of a successful investor.

Direct Buy Certificates- We offer a private direct buy inventory to our members. Not only are these liens researched and vetted, but we provide a one-on-one guide while purchasing our inventory.

Primary Market Lists and Resources- Another effective tool we provide on our website are the County Listing’s. We supply multiple Over-the-Counter and Pre-Auction lists from all over the nation for our members to view. We also provide an updated monthly auction calendar that is equipped with county auction dates and locations.

Customer Support Hotline- Our Hotline associates are available Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. This team is able to guide customers through various processes, such as logging into the members' website and contributing guidance and direction while navigating the primary market.

For more information on our program please contact 1-844-304-2444.